Order of the Crimson Lion

A wee Dram

Pour yourself a glass.

Benaisling Sixteen Year Whisky

A secret Rockhammer family recipe. Laid up in charred oak barrels for sixteen years, the barley used to make this whisky is heavily peated, giving it a flavor nearly as smoky as a Darmahkian cigar. Underneath the bold peat are notes of blueberries and mountain honey.

Glenlachie Clan Whiskey

Sold at auction, distilled by the family of the Druid Caellan. Mild peat, herbs, and aromatic spices round out this dram that is sure to warm the heart.



January 1518


City of Gahlen
I arrived in Gahlen just after the fall of the Guardians, and was proud to be the very first person Knighted by Commander Talyn and General Merek into the Order of the Crimson Lion, where I live out my oath to the Duke.

Late January, 1518


Temple of Waylumi
I am a dwarf of firsts. Upon arrival in Gahlen and my subsequent Knighting into the Order of the Crimson Lion, I was the very first citizen to devote my faith to the Goddess Waylumi who wasn't taking an oath to serve as a cleric. 

Late April, 1518


Order of the Crimson Lion

Upon the departure of Commander Talyn, General Soren was promoted to lead the Order, and he graciously selected me to serve as his assistant, the General. As General, I assisted the Commander in numerous things, and came up with our current rank structure. 

June 19, 1519


Base of Jemeleon Mountain

On one of the happiest days of my life, I got to marry the love of my life, Tharia Rockhammer. Tharia is my companion in all things, who cooks me mutton, and eats the blueberries I pick. We were married in a secret ceremony at the base of the mountain, having dated for a few months in secret. I never thought I could be made happy by another person, but Tharia proved me wrong.

February 1518


Gahlen Justice Office
In following duty's call, I signed up to serve as a Deputy and a Marshall in Gahlen's Justice office, where I successfully prosecuted numerous cases, including a heinous case of crab thievery perpetrated by a Suden warrior against numerous innocent citizens.

November 1518


Order of the Crimson Lion

After a long summer and a bit of controversy, Commander Soren disappeared, and the Fighterlord appointed me as Commander of the Order, with Kildrux serving as my General. As such, I try to lead the Order of the Crimson Lion to the best of my abilities. Gahlen still stands despite numerous incursions by the Warlord, so I must be doing something right. 






Some of the people I am closest to are honored in this space. In some cases, you can click their name and be directed to their own site. 

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